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This artistic wiki shows Photos and info about cardboard models of TUGS, none of those artistic models are owned by Clearwater Features or The Star Tugs Trust. They are made by an unknown model maker/artist. so, Have fun and enjoy the photos. and the cardboard models.

AND, Please, do not insult the models, or the artwork - everyone has their opinion, which can be different from the others, but they must NOT be spoken loudly to everyone hear. did I made myself clear? TheIronEngine.

Current Models:

  • Star Tugs: Ten Cents, Big Mac, O.J, Top Hat, Sunshine - Future Models: Warrior (possibly)
  • Zero Fleet: Zorran, Zebedee, Zak, Zug, Zip
  • Other Tugs: Fireboat, Bluenose, Sea Rogue, Coast Guard (extra model)
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